Ethics Reform

We need to clean up corruption in Charleston.  We will do that with ethics reform.

Greater transparency in how money spent:  Taxpayers deserve to know how every dollar is spent. We’ll open the curtains and shine a bright light on how money is being spent by all three branches of government.

Clean up corruption in Charleston:  Our state legislators should not get elected to go to Charleston and get rich.  Legislators should not be able to benefit from state contracts.  We’ll get rid of the law that permits this and any other loophole that allows state legislators to line their own pockets.

Inspector General’s Office:  Let’s put a stop to political cronyism. It’s rampant.  I’ve seen it, and I prosecuted it when I was the United States Attorney, but more must be done. We’ll create an office that has the authority to investigate and prosecute government fraud, waste and abuse.  It could pay for itself, increase accountability and help restore the public’s trust in government.  It will be the people’s watchdog, independent of the legislature.


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