Close Tax Loopholes for Out of State Special Interests

I’ll stand up for West Virginians, protecting them while making sure that big corporations pay their fair share of taxes. I’m tired of seeing out-of-state special interests get all the breaks while those of us who have lived and worked here all our lives continued to get overlooked.

The late, great Senator Robert C. Byrd, who recommended me to be United States Attorney, had this to say about West Virginia:

"It is a state whose rich resources have been largely owned and exploited by outside interests. Absentee owners, while living outside the state, wrested from the West Virginia earth the wealth that made them rich – rich from the toil and sweat and blood and tears of the people in the hill country who worked out their lives, all to often, for a pittance."

Let’s change this. Let’s stop the exploitation and take care of ourselves for once. Let’s put West Virginia first.

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